At CBC, our goal is to encourage young men and women to know God intimately, read His Word accurately, share and defend their faith, serve others, and develop deep relationships with other teens. 

We challenge young people to love God and His Word so passionately that it changes their lives.

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Students will receive

  • truthful, expository teaching designed to show God's will and purpose in their lives
  • strong one-on-one relationships with sponsors to foster accountability
  • opportunities for service


      The Jr. High group is called Xchange and is based on II Corinthians 5:20-21--Christ's righteousness for our sin, the ultimate exchange.

Our objective in Xchange ministry is to disciple the students on their own level. We do that by using the Word of God. Students in Jr. High are beginning to understand sin, accountablilty, and responsibility to God. We are here to push the conversation to a spiritual front and engage them in it. Students come into Jr. High as children and hopefully leave as young men and women who have some understanding of the Word of God. We are here to assist parents in raising their Jr. High Students.


core groups

"What do we want our students to look like after high school?" 

Core groups are instrumental in building community within our youth ministry. We believe core groups can provide acceptance and accountability as young believers grow into the likeness of Christ. They can also provide a place for prayer, teaching, honesty, forgiveness, encouragement, and fun. Groups are divided by age and gender. 


bible quizzing

Knowing what the Bible says and then applying it to every part of life is paramount. Bible Quizzing is a great way to get in-depth in the Word and be able to give an answer to others seeking answers to life's questions. See Phil or Sheri Kunz on how to get involved.